Product Hunt is not what it used to be

How to get the most of product launches now:

Product Hunt has lost its charm.

Yes… this is me saying it outright.

Here is everything you need to know about using Product Hunt in the future and how you should approach product growth:

Today at a glance:

  • My #1 product of the day stats

  • How things have changed over the last 2 years

  • 1 hidden benefit of Product Hunt

  • The future of product growth

Let’s dive in 👇

My #1 product of the day stats

2 weeks ago, we launched Typeframes on Product Hunt — and with all your support, we got the peak position 🥇.

This week, we also launched Animstats on Product Hunt — and again, got the #2 🥈position.

This is something every indie hacker dreams of. Why?

Because in the past, the #1 🏆 spot meant a lot of traffic, tens of new paying users, and about 10-30% instant growth in your product.

But that has changed… Here are my stats:

> #1 product of the day
> 8300 new visitors
> 15 new paying users

I also shared these stats in a tweet and people had a lot of interesting opinions on what went wrong.

Anyways, these stats are super disappointing.

When we launched Tweet Hunter on Product Hunt, I remember what a day it was. 100+ new paying users. Instant 20% growth. +$4,000 MRR.

Product hunt has changed quite a lot over the last 2 years:

  • It has a lot of bots now

  • People go there to see stuff, not buy

  • The overall traffic is quite hollow and they are not as intrigued about the products.

But despite all of this — Success on Product Hunt leads to 1 special perk for products.

The 1 benefit of Product Hunt:

Product Hunt is still one of the most reputed websites on the internet.

And getting the top spot there leads to a MASSIVE SEO boost.

We saw a huge spike in our referring domains which means a lot more pages now direct people to Typeframes.

And if you haven’t read my SEO newsletter where I broke down my strategies — let me tell you that this boost is huge.

Small things like these combine fast into huge organic traffic.

My final takeaways:

- Product Hunt is not as awesome as it used to be

- It is still a really nice boost for your projects

- If you are actively doing SEO, Product hunt is a no brainer

The future of product growth

The main lesson for me here was that the launch was successful because of my audience and their support.

So, having some distribution helps in your growth efforts.

It’s the best time to start building an audience, and it’s 100% investing time into it.

That’s also why I’ve spent so much time building Tweet Hunter and Taplio. It becomes very clear that building a Twitter and LinkedIn audience has a lot of long-term benefits.

Tweet of the week

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