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In my last edition, I broke down Organic growth vs Paid growth — and of 100s of replies and comments on that post, the most repeated went like this:

“I know SEO is critical and acts as a moat for the business but HOW DO I DO IT??

So here is my entire SEO playbook for you to steal:
(PS This is responsible for 5 million+ unique visits to my main products so this works)

SEO is slow but can 10x your business

Let’s dive in 👇👇

The old way…

Everyone overlooks SEO because they are convinced there is only 1 way to do this. Here’s how:

  1. Build a /blog page on your website

  2. Hire a Fiverr write to churn out 1 article/day with keywords

  3. Connect the articles to your main website

  4. Continue doing this for months and hope it works out

That’s it. That’s how 90% of people operate their SEO strategies.

But this is the wrong way to approach things.

If you are an Elon fan like me, you should always follow First Principles thinking — breaking things into their base logic and starting from there.

So what is SEO?

SEO is, in essence, giving the person searching exactly what they want. If you can do that — you WILL rank.

Here’s the playbook:

1/ Understand what your ideal customer is searching online
2/ Create something of immense value and ship
3/ Funnel them to your product

This simple 3 part strategy has helped me get millions of impressions and visits.

22M impressions and 1.8M clicks - SEO is insane!

This is a breakdown 👉

My SEO playbook

My team of builders creates mini-products - these are 1 feature websites that have a very specific task:

  1. To solve a burning problem

  2. To funnel them to the main software

I do this with all my software products.

You can check them out here for Tweet Hunter, Taplio, and Typeframes.

Why does this work?

Because we solve a very specific problem. So we rank very high.

Example: A lot of people wanted a way to download LinkedIn videos - so we created a mini tool for just that.

The result? Rank 1 on google and 1,000,000+ unique visits a year. And not to mention slow, evergreen growth.

Isn’t this tough to do?

This is the best part - NO. This isn’t tough. Because you don’t have to do something new.

Pick an existing feature of your product and repackage it into a mini-product.

When scaling Taplio, we tried to ship 1 of these tools every month - here is how we implemented it:

  • Take a loved feature of your product

  • Extract it in a free, minimalist, one-page tool

  • Give 1 use for free

  • Ask for an email for a few more tries

  • Redirect to your main product page after use.

They slowly compound onto each other and lead to huge growth.

This way you also build on top of your main product and the user transition is smoother.

And this is it. that’s my entire SEO playbook for you right there.

I hope you learned something. Because that is the whole purpose of this newsletter.

PS: we got #1 🏆 Product of the Day for Typeframes, thank you for all the support!

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