I did in 2 weeks what I used to do in 2 years

Do in 3 months what others do in a year

Time is a relative concept.

This is true in both physics and reality.

A person might stay in the ‘idea‘ stage of their business for 6 months while someone else buys a domain, sets up an MVP, gets feedback, pivots, and starts getting paid customers in 2 weeks.

In theory, both were working.
But if you had to bet on who will eventually build a larger product, I think we all would bet on the second guy.


Because he knows what matters, and he gets the most done in a minimal amount of time.

Business rewards action takers

In the past 3 years, I have:

  • Scaled 2 software, Tweet Hunter and Taplio to over $1m ARR

  • Sold that business for 8 figures

  • Built an audience of over 150,000 people

  • Grew this newsletter to around 60,000 of you

  • Acquired 3 businesses and grew them

  • Built multiple side projects, and sold 1 of them (Daily Nugts)

  • Hired a team of absolute best talent from around the world

And I’ve done all of this while being a Husband and a dad, with the baby #2 coming in July.

Here’s how I keep my productivity up and do the most work in very little time:

1/ I don’t mind paying for stuff

The ability to see time as a bigger resource than money is a superpower.

And I’m glad I developed that.

I value my time extremely highly, and absolutely don’t mind paying for stuff I don’t want to do myself or will take me too much time.

Ex: If there’s software <$100 that will save me some hours, I will buy it in a heartbeat. The productivity is worth it.

2/ The anti-learning approach to work

Most people think learning is key to growth.

And while that is true, implementing that knowledge is far more important than constantly stacking new learnings on top.


You already know enough. Start implementing.

> I have the same tech stack for every product
> I have the same accounts for many software (like Brevo for sending emails)

Ironically, actively trying to NOT learn new things has led me to learn so much more than I would have otherwise.

So incredible how it works.

3/ Making the perfect to-do list

I have a key rule for life:

I never end a day with unfinished tasks.

And the secret to achieving that?

Breaking down the tasks effectively.

I break down every single one of my tasks into something I can achieve that day.

Not too long. Not too short.

This ensures I never sleep with unfinished work, while the task keeps moving ahead.

4/ Building the A team

How you work with matters. And it is perhaps THE most important factor in your productivity metrics.

Here’s my philosophy:

I only hire people who know what they’re doing.
I’m not here to teach them.
I’m here to grow.

Work with A players, they cost 50% more but are 400% more effective.

5/ Figure it out later mentality

Your product doesn’t have to feel ready for you to ship it. (Typeframes.com was shit when I first talked about it, it’s getting great now)

Because believe it or not, most of what you build will fail.

So why not ship it faster?

I do spaghetti code, use ChatGPT (by creating a mega prompt for each product), and copy-paste A LOT!

You don’t have to do it perfectly, you just have to get it done.

With my goals set, systems built, mindset in place, and a great team to work with: Productivity is a side product to all the fun and impact we have.

What are your productivity secrets?

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